What we did

The Lost Lamb

The story begins in the Qatar region province before 1958. There is family of three members of grandma (Jaddah), her daughter (Hessa) and a lamb (Skhelah). once a while when the little girl and the girl where playing hide & seek game. The lamb lost and they were searching for the lamb. They search in the complete lane of the village, and they finally got with the preacher of the mosque.

Character Description

Jaddah: A old woman grandma of little girl Hessa, she is love and kind to all, she is not only grandma to Hessa she is also guru and teacher

Hessa: She is 5 to 6 years old girl. Hessa is cute, chubby, nutty and affectionate to all. She loves her grandma and as much her pet lamb skhelah. Hessa and skhelah plays together. Hessa will join to school by next year.

Skhelah: Is a little lamb, and a lovable friend of Hessa, skhelah having a long ears, she is curious to learn, energetic, faithful and tricky. She will eat anything like paper, plastic, etc., But it will not harm to her.

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